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This website is about Illinois Genealogy. Presently comprising of information on only a couple of counties, we expect to have within a short amount of time information online for over 20 different counties. This is a growing website with ever expanding content. Please consider adding this site to your favorites, and visit often!

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Illinois Obituaries
Obituaries provided from our readers

Biographies of Champaign County, Illinois
The 475 biographies from this section were extracted from the Standard History of Champaign County, Illinois written by J. R. Stewart. They are a cross reference of the residents of Champaign County, and most were alive during 1918.

Histories of Illinois Civil War Regiments and Units
The following histories of Illinois Civil War regiments and units originate from the first eight volumes of the nine volume publication, Report of the Adjutant General of the State of Illinois (1900-1902). The histories, some written shortly after the warís end, are the work of numerous authors throughout the intervening years. The 1886 version of the Adjutant Generalís Report included regimental histories compiled by that office which had not previously been published. The final 1900-1902 republication of the report incorporated revisions and corrections to the histories.






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Rock Island County, Illinois genealogy and history county website is the first of our county offerings. Expect many more soon!

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